Machakos County now has 2,500 trained community health volunteers and 250 community health units that will go a long way in health advocacy across our County.
Having these volunteers will ensure that wananchi, deep in the villages are kept abreast of new health information, know more about lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension, understand the importance of hospital deliveries among other important health information. Our plan is to ultimately offload majority of the outpatients in the hospitals, thanks to the intervention of these community health volunteers.
I have this afternoon, together with representatives from the National Government, and my government, met with the Community Health Volunteers to share with them, my vision for a healthy Machakos. I also urged them to join in my clarion call for the Universal Health Coverage registration to the villages, because the only way to access FREE UHC healthcare is through registration which is also FREE.
In preparation for the UHC roll out, my government has invested in triage boxes for all health centres, organized for medication from KEMSA and I am confident that with the goodwill from all stakeholders in the program, the UHC in Machakos will be a success.
My people deserve an efficient health system and i will not condone any sabotage from within my government on the UHC. I also ask that this program not be politicized because Healthcare is a right for all, political affiliation not with standing.
As we prepare for the launch of the Universal Health Coverage program, I call on all the residents in Machakos to register for the program. Let us take our health seriously because we have one life to live and a healthy nation is a productive nation.



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