I challenge our researchers, and especially our university professors and research doctors to come up with a cure or vaccine for coronavirus.

We have very educated professors and scientists – some who supervise PhDs and who have labs in their institutions or hospitals. My question to them is: how close are you to coming up with a cure for Covid-19?
Or are you all waiting for someone in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and other parts of the world to find a cure then we import it? Why are we just consumers and not innovators?

Some may claim they have no funding. That is a weak argument. How big were the labs that came up with a cure for leprosy, cholera, syphiliis, TB and even Malaria? Very small. It is about attitude and using what we have.

We have to start thinking of Kenya or East Africa, as the ONLY existing region in the world. That means all the solutions to our problems have to be solved by us and not by a Europeans or Asians or Americans somewhere.

I therefore challenge our educated people – who I respect and believe in – our scientists, to do something. Even in the experimental treatment formulas, we should not hear of the Americans telling us to try Malaria medicines for corona. We need them to be saying they are trying a treatment combination from Nairobi, Kampala, Dar, Kigali etc.

This is a time that calls for all of us to utilize our education and skills in all fields to come up with realistic solutions that make our lives better. Let us not just sit and wait for solutions from outside. Let us ship our solutions to others and make money for ourselves while offering the world a solution.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, E.G.H.,
Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader &
Governor of Machakos.

March 31st, 2020

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