Own Source Revenue (OSR) major improvement in FY 2018/19 compared to FY 2017/2018  as indicated in the table below.


Projected  (Ksh.)

Actual  (Ksh.)

FY 2017/18

1.7 Billion

1.02 Billion

FY 2018/19

1.72 Billion

1.6 Billion


This is as a result of ;

  • Internal controls on compliance and enforcement through continuous monitoring of all the revenue sources
  • Implementation of Finance Act 2019
  • Improved Quarries Collections from an average of Kshs. 600,000 to an average of Kshs 1.7 Million per day
Contact Details of Key Personnel
Name: Catherine Ngarachu
Designation: Chief Officer – Finance and Revenue Collection
Mobile Phone: +254 721 625035
Email Address:

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