After several virtual meetings with members of the Machakos County Security team, the Coronavirus Cabinet Subcommittee and other stakeholders, we have taken the following decisions to further protect our people from the spread of the Coronavirus.

1. BODA BODAS, MARUTI & TUK TUKS BAN: Social distancing is critical if we are to avoid Wananchi getting infected. There is no way a boda boda rider is safe from being infected by a sick passenger and thereafter infecting hundreds. Therefore, ‪from Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 5 am‬, no Boda Bodas, Maruti or TUK TUKS will be allowed to operate in Machakos county for the next two weeks. We cannot pretend we are keeping the required social distance and still riding on Boda Bodas where the separation between the rider and passenger is zero to 1 mm.

2. To compensate and cushion them for the or loss of income, my Government is waiving all tax charges to Boda Bodas, Maruti and Tuk Tuks for the rest of the calendar year (‪December 31st, 2020‬).

3. Miraa Dens, Muguka dens and pool playing areas have been banned.

4. No groupings allowed of more than three people anywhere in Machakos county.

5. Machakos Government staff to work on shifts. This is applicable to non-essential services. Chief officers to develop work shift schedules by end of today.

6. No office meetings. All staff meetings and departmental meetings go be conducted virtually, using the internet and social media.

7. All markets in Machakos to be sanitized and fumigated and traders encouraged to operate safely.

8. Market Days have been banned to restrict movement from one town to another.

9. Wananchi urged fo be home and indoors by ‪7 pm‬ every day.

10. PROTECTION OF OUR OLDER GENERATION: It is clear that our older generation is at a bigger threat from the disease. I ask all Machakos residents above the age of 65 years old to restrict movement, stay at home and avoid mixing with young people and children – especially those who had just migrated from the cities and towns.

11. Any people defying these directives that are being made for the social good of all will be viewed as enemies of the people and a danger to society. Matters of health are critical and we have no time for back and forths.

12. These directives will be reviewed from to time and may be eased depending on the current National and county situation.

Dr. Alfred N. MUTUA, E.G.H,
Governor of Machakos &
Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader

Monday, March 23rd, 2020.

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