I have this morning chaired a special sitting of cabinet to discuss the COVID-19 coronavirus global outbreak.

The meeting discussed the state of preparedness and levels of awareness in Machakos County so as to deal with any future incidences of the virus.

We are aware that Wananchi are concerned that an airline from China was allowed to bring passengers from that country ferried to Kenya, people who are residents in Mavoko, Machakos County.

We have noted that there is a lapse of information sharing from the National Government’s Port Health Services to our county health systems on the arriving passengers from affected countries and their areas of residence where they are supposed to self-quarantine.

We also note that self-quarantine has to be enforced and monitored and members of public must be informed of all cases of self-quarantine in their neighbourhood.

I am happy that my Machakos County Health Surveillance Committee has been on the ground to monitor and medically examine all suspicious cases of Covid-19 Coronavirus.

So far, there are no cases of infected persons in Machakos County.

My Government takes the imminent threat of Covid-19 coronavirus very seriously. To this end, I have constituted a cabinet sub-committee to come up with emergency preparedness measures in consultation and liaison with other government and non-government stakeholders.

I have given the committee, led by the Machakos Minister of Health and Emergency Services and together with Minister of Decentralized Units, Water and Environment, Transport and Roads, 24 hours to come up with comprehensive medical and non-medical measures of preventing and if need be, treating any Covid-19 Coronavirus infection.

We assure Machakos County residents that we are seized of the current Covid-19 Coronavirus health risk.

To report any suspicious cases and to seek further information, from Machakos County, please call the following numbers: ‪0110025345 or 0110025346 from 2.00pm.

We will keep our Machakos County residents and all Kenyans constantly briefed in a Chap Chap way.


February 28th, 2020

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