I have today chaired the Machakos County Security Team meeting at my Machakos office. We discussed a number of issues, key among them being the enhancing of extra security measures during this covid-19 period.

The porosity of the metropolis borders has led to increased cases of covid-19 cases within Machakos County, of special concern being that individuals without the prerequisite credentials are bribing police officers manning the set boundaries gaining access to and out of Machakos. That can not be tolerated.

I therefore wish to caution wananchi against giving bribes to officers as this is criminal and is punishable by law, I also call on all police officers to remain dilligent in their role as we strive to flatten the Covid-19 curve.

I must applaud the low crime rate being experienced across the County occasioned by the national curfew. While discussions are underway on the opening of the economy, I ask His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta to consider extending the curfew so that we can continue enjoying the peace and tranquility we are currently experiencing.

Lastly, I urge all of us to protect one another. Security instruments are a critical component of our wellbeing, therefore I like to call on all citizens to work together with local authorities and police, to report unusual activities within the community, that way we protect our lives as well as our property. Another thing: Let’s make use of the Nyumba Kumi structure by notifying the local leadership of any emerging issues. Also, notify the local chief or the police of new people in your vicinity. This is your civic duty that will go a long way in helping our community to remain safe from Covid-19.

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