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Today I inspected ongoing construction of Matungulu stadium in Kinyui and was impressed by progress so far made in the construction.
I have no doubt that by next month we will open the facility for public use so that we can nurture and grow sports skills and talent among our youth.
There is so much money in the sporting career and we want our youth to tap into that.
Some of the features in stadium include a sports academy, a conference hall, kitchen, VIP lounge, changing rooms for players and referees’ room. It also has a computer room where our youth shall have an opportunity to learn more about sports and interact with the rest of world.
We will also continue to drill as many boreholes as possible to cater for growing need of water for domestic and livestock use. To that end I have tasked geologists from our water department to visit Kakulutuini Primary School, Uamani ABC and Misakwani to establish potential points where we will dig three new boreholes beginning next month.
Dr. Alfred N. MUTUA, EGH
Governor of Machakos,
Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader & 2022 Presidential Candidate.
February 26th, 2021

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