• Facilitation of business and trade through developing and enforcing favorable policies and infrastructure development
  • Entrepreneurship support and development through capacity development and promotion of SME sector
  • Marketing and developing market linkages for products and produce of Machakos County
  • Enhancement and promotion of cottage industries and the informal sector
  • Investment facilitation and promotion
  • Promotion of fair trading practices, standards and trade ethics
  • Initiation and support of international and regional trade and investment integration and collaborations.
  • Management of innovation and innovation initiatives
  • Packaging, processing and dissemination of economic development information to development agents with interest in Machakos County



In 2019


(Specify number of functional facilities, average no. of people served by 1 facility etc)

Construction and upgrading  of market sheds

8 existing markets

36 modern market sheds constructed

17 sheds are at various stages of construction

Perimeter walling of markets

2 fenced markets

3 fenced markets

Fencing of 3 livestock markets ongoing, 1 market perimeter wall complete

Activation of markets and selection of market committees

12 active markets

32 markets activated

Spurring commerce and economic growth

Weights and Measures verification program

10% success rate in verification of weighing and measuring equipment

92% success rate in verification of weighing and measuring equipment

Increased promotion of fair trade and consumer protection

Construction and rehabilitation of market toilets

31 pit latrines inherited in 2013

Construction of 93 modern toilets complete

Construction of additional 110 modern toilets ongoing in various wards.

Provision of a decent working environment for business growth

Promotion of extractive industries


Extraction and crushing of aggregate through jaw crushing process

Profiling of County mineral resources ongoing

Enterprise development

Boda boda sheds were non-existent

Promotion of informal sector through construction of 146 boda boda sheds

Face lifting of 40 boda boda sheds ongoing.

Over 4000 boda boda operators benefit from the boda boda sheds daily.

Development of market linkages

Market-linkage program non-existent

Provision of local and international market access to horticultural farmers and value-added products.

Wealth creation, economic growth and improved livelihoods

Investment promotion and ease of doing business

Investment Promotion and facilitation body non-existent

Establishment of an Investment Promotion agency (MIPB)

1300 new investments generated in retail, real estate, hospitality, education, Energy, small and large industries.  Over 300 potential investors have signed M.O.Us to invest in the New Machakos City

Jobs have been created and livelihoods


Events and exhibitions


High impact annual investment and business focused  exhibition and events initiated and organized

Machakos Investors’ conference, ASK Shows, Annual Devolution Conferences, Business Community Forums, Stakeholders Forums, SEKEB launch , Development Partners round table meetings.

Building the County’s image as an investment and business hub.

  • 61 market sheds
  • I market perimeter wall
  • 129 public toilets
  • 146 boda boda sheds
Name: Hon. Lazurus Kivuva
Designation: CECM – Trade, Industrialization and Innovation
Mobile Phone: +254 728 678540
Email Address: lkivuva@machakosgovernment.co.ke

Name: Dr. James Mutunga
Designation: Chief Officer – Trade, Industrialization and Innovation
Mobile Number: +254 725 238395
Email Address: jmutunga@machakosgovernment.co.ke

Name: Kim Musau
Designation: CEO – Machakos Investment Board
Mobile Number: +254 722 957398
Email Address: amusau@machakosinvest.com

Name: Jillian Nzive
Designation: Director – Business Development & Enterprises
Mobile Phone: +254 721 330706
Email Address: nzivejil@gmail.com

Name: Peter Mwololo
Designation: Director – Markets
Mobile Phone: +254 721 810986
Email Address: mwololopeter@gmail.com

Name: Josyline Nzeki
Designation: Director – Hygiene and Sanitation
Mobile Phone: +254 721 307130
Email Address: josylinenzeki@yahoo.com

Click on above link to visit the Machakos County Investment Promotion Board (MIPB) Website

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