Since 2013 the Department of Social Welfare and Civic Empowerment has developed and implemented social welfare measures within programmes to mitigate the unique challenges of needs not met for vulnerable groups, i.e. orphans/vulnerable children, persons with disabilities, the elderly, women, gender based violence survivors and HIV/AIDs affected persons in Machakos County. We specifically run 5 programmes that touch on the wellbeing of vulnerable persons in the entire County, namely:

  • Social protection for orphans and vulnerable children
  • Social Protection for persons with disabilities
  • Social Protection for needy elderly persons
  • Community groups development
  • Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDs – prevention and protection.

The Department works in partnership with stakeholders to facilitate technical, material and moral support for extra social welfare projects. Such engagements provide reliable data and information which when processed informs sound tactical and strategic social welfare interventions.

Many activities have been carried out to create awareness and improve the lives of vulnerable persons in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya and much has been realized in terms of:

  • Creation of increased awareness on children’s rights, childcare and food stuffs/clothes provisions, community involvement in the affairs of children and the need to educate and nurture children especially those in special institutions.
  • Creating public awareness on the existence and needs of persons with disabilities (PWDs).
  • Provision of assistive devices to persons with disabilities.
  • Show casing of community groups finished products for market creation and future financial support.
  • Support for needy elderly persons.
  • Creating awareness and sensitization on Gender Based Violence for prevention and protection.

In community engagement, various development initiatives are being undertaken. These include:

  • Sub Counties’ persons with disabilities groups visits and dissemination of information on the need for screening and registration with APDK and National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWDs) respectively. Regional workshop trainings on PWDs’ health care are jointly carried out with stakeholders.
  • Increased awareness of existence of persons with Albinism and information dissemination on the provision of sunscreen by National Council for persons with Disabilities in Machakos Level 5 and other sub counties Level 4 hospitals, to protect them from skin cancer.
  • Enlightenment on access to government/county procurement opportunities to both women and PWDs for economic empowerment.
  • Creating awareness and up scaling on the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection cash transfer programs for the elderly and PWDs (severe cases).
  • Running the Gender Based Violence sensitization forums/meetings and referral issues through the Sub Counties GBV Committees.
  • Training sessions for women and self-help groups on economic empowerment/civic education.


  1. Care and Protection for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
  • Intervention for orphans and vulnerable children for the 29 registered homes and Special Institution in the County. Give support through food subsidy, beddings and school fees.
  • International Day of the African Child celebrations.
  • Mobilization and placement of street children to rehabilitation centers.

2. Social Protection for Persons with disabilities

  • Supply of appliances to assessed persons with disabilities: Given assistive devices to clients already assessed by Level 5 Hospital (APDK) staff i.e. wheelchairs, walking frames/walking sticks and white canes.
  • Persons with Disabilities care givers’ training on care and support, leadership, life Skill, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and entrepreneurship.
  • Support given to Special Institutions e.g. provision of ICT equipment (Computers and printers).
  • To establish a Disability Board to facilitate the advancement of rights, fundamental freedoms, progress and wellbeing of persons with disabilities.
  • Profiling of persons with disabilities in the entire County.

Contact Details of Key Personnel

Name: Zuhura Khamisi
Designation: Chief Officer – Social Welfare and Civic Empowerment
Mobile Phone: +254 722 881186
Email Address:

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