Life in Kenya is tough and will continue to be so for a while unless we change the way politics is managed in our country. Currently, you are unlucky if born in a small tribe or from a family that is not connected.
Regardless of how smart and life changing you are, currently in Kenya, if you are a Dorobo, Kisii, Rendile, Gabra or from a smaller tribe or not from the top large three tribes, then the odds of being a Kenyan President are stacked against you just because of your tribe. Truly we gained our physical independence from the colonial masters but we are still under mental colonization.
The colonial masters – and I call them masters – , divided us into tribal blocs for easy management and mind control. We were taught to see each other as Kambas, Luhya, Kikuyus, Luos, Giriamas, Kisii’s etc and not as Kenyans.
When Mzee Jomo Kenyatta became our first President, he promised in 1964, to eliminate IGNORANCE, DISEASE AND POVERTY.
More than half a century later, the three issues remain. We are still ignorant because we think in tribal lines and reward corrupt leaders.
We are still suffering from tropical diseases and far removed from the World Health Organization’s basic standards for a developed health care system.
We are still a poor country receiving support from donors for every small calamity and for our development projects and still borrowing like there was no tomorrow.
In Kenya, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. But even now the rich have started worrying. Things don’t look too good economically as everyone suffers.
Unemployment is becoming the norm and our tribal and unfair practices reward a few as the rest who are not connected suffer. For how long are we going to endure this?
My friends, we need to wake up from our slumber. Leaders have known that we can be controlled on tribal blocs and hence political ignorance. Like sheep going for slaughter, we sit and watch as we are we been placed in tribal compartments. The worth of a leader is no longer based on what they can offer the country economically but what tribal bloc they bring to the table: sheer ignorance based politics.
It is quite laughable and an indicator of how primitive our politics are that a leader can be rewarded and invited to the table not based on his ideology, previous works or ability but because of his tribes and tribal bloc.
I am, therefore calling for a radical political shift that examines the potential of leaders based on their work and ability to change lives and not based on which tribe they they happened to be born from. We must change the narrative in our country if we expect to cure the ills of unemployment, insecurity, lack of money, poor health standards and general abject poverty.
Any child of this country should be able to aspire to be President, pilot, doctor, journalist, Governor etc and your tribe should not matter.
Our diversity is our strength as a nation but it should not control our politics and sharing of the National cake. Everyone is born alone and no one chooses to be born from a tribe with a huge population or low population.
Our country right now is very unfair and still been managed in an unfair manner. We have to FORCE a RADICAL shift in the way we see each other politically. Power lies in our hands Wananchi and the only reason we allow ourselves to be used and managed in tribal blocs is because we allow it.
Kenya NEEDS politics and political parties based on IDEOLOGIES and not tribal affiliations. Poverty does not discriminate on tribal lines. You are poor regardless of your tribal leader or ethnic voting selection. We need to select Presidents and other leaders based on their vision and ability.
People ask me, Mutua, you are running for President, which is your tribal bloc? I tell them, my political bloc is the people of Kenya. The youth who want a better life NOW, the mothers who are tired of pain and hardship and the fathers who struggle every day in a country that is supposed to be swimming in wealth. The people of Kenya are my bloc and that is what we will win in 2022.
Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, E.G.H &
Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader
June 21st, 2020

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