It is quite concerning when we hear of mass sackings of employees as a result of the Corona Virus economic hardships. The main problem is not Covid-19, but the inability of our economy to cushion us during times like these.
Right now, families are hurting and Kenyans are suffering due to lack of money and general hardships in life.
We have, as a society, been primed to place more emphasis on politics and tribal blocs rather than economic freedom and expansion.
Our headlines are about who insulted who, political party formations and clamour for power and not what the politics should achieve – more money in the pockets of Kenyans.
What you talk about, have headlines, top stories and front pages about, is what you ultimately get. In Kenya, voices of the need for innovation, economic growth and development are relegated to the back. Our politics is not about policy but about formations and who is who.
As a result, while other nations are providing unemployment benefits and even money to industries, in Kenya, people are being fired.
The reality is that the political class is comfortable but normal Wananchi are living at less than 100 shillings a day. I see poverty and loss of dignity every day in a country with so much to offer. I play my part in rolling back poverty but clearly development is never viewed as a priority.
For those who have slept hungry, like I have, living in a Nairobi slum, you know the pains of being poor. Therefore we must ensure we have a vision of how to transform this country.
As a journalist, I can say this. It is laughable and ironic that journalists and editors who should be focusing on economic issues, instead give front pages to political games and politicians who have nothing to offer.
Now, most of these journalists have been fired. The political class that they gave headlines and front pages to are Ok. The journalists’ families will soon be hungry.
Self preservation means choosing to give prominence to issues that affect the well being – the money in the pockets of majority so as to influence policy. Talking of who insulted who and who was seen with who and who is the kingpin of which colonial created tribal bloc, is not adding food to the table of Wananchi or fired journalists.
I therefore, call upon all Kenyans to demand for a serious revaluation and concentration on issues of money, money, money. Economic growth, wealth creation, jobs, good living and quality of life are what Kenyans need and are at the forefront of my leadership, vision and plans for our great country of Kenyans.
The choice is ours – empty politics and wrangling or economic freedom.
Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, E.G.H
Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader &
Governor of Machakos
Sunday, July 5th, 2022

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