H. E. Governor Dr. Alfred Nganga Mutua’s Profile

BORN: 22nd August, 1970  
POLITICAL PARTY: Maendeleo Chap Chap Party – Founder and Party Leader
RESIDENCE: Machakos County
ALMA MATER: University of Western Sydney, Australia
Eastern Washington University, U.S.A
Whitworth College, U.S.A
WEBSITE: www.alfredmutua.com
IN-OFFICE: Government Spokesperson and Public Communications Secretary – 2004 – September 2012

PRESENT: Governor, Machakos County, Kenya (2nd term)


Dr. Alfred Nganga Mutua was born in Masii, then, a remote part of Machakos District in Kenya’s Eastern Province. He attended Toi Primary school n KIBERA, Dagoretti High School for his O’ levels and Jamhuri High School for his A levels.

A family man, he has studied, lived and worked in Kenya, United States, Australia and United Arab Emirates. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from Whitworth College, U.S.A, a Master of Science Degree in Communications from Eastern Washington University, U.S.A and a Doctorate in Communication and Media from the University of Western Sydney, Australia.



Mutua began his career as a journalist while still in high school, publishing his first story in the daily newspapers at the age of 15. After high school, he wrote features for The Sunday Nation, Standard Newspaper and the defunct Kenya Times Newspaper. In 1989, at the age of 19, he registered his first company Golden Dreams Company and started publishing a newsletter/magazine “Golden Times.”

While in the United States for further education, he published stories for several American newspapers and started video production work, producing “An African in America” documentary in 1996. He worked for several TV stations including PBS in Seattle, Washington. He later worked for Nation Media Group as a reporter and features writer from 1997.

Later in Australia, he was published by the Sydney Morning Herald and worked as a foreign correspondent for SBS TV’s international magazine show Dateline. He travelled extensively covering major happenings in the world. 

He also lectured at the University of Western Sydney, Macquarie University and  several TAFE colleges in Sydney. In 2002, he was poached from Sydney and moved to The United Arab Emirates as an Assistant Professor of Communication and Media at the Prestigious Zayed University. While in the UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi, he also undertook research in the Middle East East and traveled to Oman and Beirut, Lebanon to present papers and research on the use of mead and communication for peace and development.

From 1999, he wrote a popular weekly travel feature “Msafiri” for the Friday edition of the Daily Nation Newspaper and became a contributor of opinion pieces for the Sunday Nation. In 2003, he undertook consultancy work at the then Nation TV, training and assisting journalists transition to modern broadcasting standards as the station changed its name and look to NTV. 


While in Dubai, Dr. Mutua continued producing films and in 2002 made “And the Desert Smiled” a film about always hoping and winning. Later from 2005, he revived his company Golden Dreams Company and made Kenya’s first modern action TV series “Cobra Squad” TV which gained a huge following in the region. He also produced other shows including  Beba Beba and “How to be Rich in Africa.”

He published a fashion magazine PASSION and wrote a book: “How to be Rich in Africa and other secrets of survival” among many other ventures than included the East African Music Awards in 2011.

He is also the proprietor of Woni TV station and has diverse interests in the hotel industry, aviation and real estate.


IN 2002, when the Kibaki administration came to power under the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC), there were loads of hope and optimism among Kenyans. One of the biggest promises made to Kenyans was the establishing of a Public Communications Department that would ease access to all Public Information held by the government as well as keep the masses informed on how the government was operating.

The new NARC government created the Office of Public Communications Secretary, popularly known as Government Spokesman and appointed Dr. Alfred Mutua as its first holder.  Much was expected of him due to his job experience and educational background. He was charged with the duty of collecting information and analyzing events within the set-up of the government. Essentially, his work entailed communicating information to and from media, government ministries, state corporations and the public on behalf his employer, the State.

Mutua served at a time when the country was undergoing major conflicts and scandals and he managed to raise the stature of the office by ensuring members of public and media had access to government information.


After close to nine years as the Government Spokesperson, Dr. Alfred Mutua resigned in September 2012 and joined the race for Machakos County Gubernatorial seat competing against politician Wavinya Ndeti, who was then the Member of Parliament for Kathiani Constituency (now split into Mavoko and Kathiani).

He became the flag bearer of the Wiper Democratic Movement Party and eventually won the election with a landslide, 71% of the total vote.
Indeed, from being the FIRST Government Spokesman to the FIRST Governor of Machakos County he has been a trail blazer with enviable leadership skills.
Dr. Alfred Mutua hit the ground running in implementing the devolved government system after the 2013 elections.  He set the pace on how county governments should be managed and run.

Through his focus and leadership, he was the first Governor to constitute his government and barely two months after his election into office, he spearheaded the first ever County Investment Forum that attracted investors from all corners of the world. The conference saw the signing of Memorandums of Understanding amounting to Kshs. 2.1 Trillion.

Barely a year in office, Dr. Mutua made history again by being the FIRST Governor in Kenya to buy an ambulance for every location in his county, saving hundreds of thousands of lives.  With a response time of maximum 8 minutes, residents who previously trekked long distances during emergencies to get to the health centers can now get health service faster and at relative comfort.

In 2017, Dr. Mutua successfully defended his gubernatorial seat under his newly formed Maendeleo Chap Chap Party. He is the party leader of Maendeleo Chap Chap Party – which despite being new, won several parliamentary seats and county assembly seats from all over Kenya.

Winning against a strong tide of the Wiper Party in Ukambani, was a strong sign of the voter’s confidence on his performance.  It was also a message from the electorate of their expectations on him as a community.

In his tenure as the Governor of Machakos, great strides have been made in the improvement of infrastructure.  Through lobbying to international development partners, collaborations with the National Government and County Government initiatives, Machakos County now boasts of over 200km of new tarmac roads, over 8,000 kilometers of graded roads that have greatly increased access across the county.

Interventions in the agricultural sector have seen the people of Machakos move from being dependent on government food relief during drought and famine to being self-sufficient and trading their surplus produce with neighboring counties of Kitui, Makueni and Kajiado. Policies such as subsidized fertilizers to the farmers, free hybrid seedlings from the county government and provision of extension services from qualified agricultural officers has seen farmers increase yields, engage in value addition for their produce.

Provision of water to the people of Machakos has remained a core to Dr. Mutua’s administration.  With over 440 solar powered boreholes dug and equipped between 2013 and 2019 in all sub counties, 240 dams and pans and 216 weirs, the water problem is far from over, but great strides have been made to ensure our mothers no longer trek long distances in search of water.  Plans are underway to ensure that by 2022, water reticulation to markets and homes of Machakos residents is complete with over 360 kilometers of pipes already laid.

A leader keen on empowering lives of the youth through education, Dr. Mutua has initiated scholarships for the youth in Machakos wishing to pursue courses at Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels. Collaborations with international universities for Machakos youth at subsidized costs have been made that have provided them with international exposure.

To equip the youth with employable skills, in 2016, Dr. Mutua initiated a FREE vocational training program where Machakos youth can study for free in all Government vocational colleges within the county.  This has seen a visible increase in skilled plumbers, dress makers, mechanics, masons from the county, who continue to export their skills across the country, becoming productive Kenyan taxpayers whose success trickles down to ultimately improve their families’ quality of life.

A sports & recreational enthusiast, Dr. Mutua has made great strides in promoting Machakos as a premier sports tourism hub. The iconic Machakos Stadium, that from 2014-2017 remained the only FIFA accredited stadium built by a county government, has hosted international matches ranging from CECAFA, World Cup Women’s qualifiers and Rugby tournaments. Dr. Mutua has also initiated the construction of 8 stadiums across the sub counties, complete with staffed sports academies that will go a long way in nurturing the sporting talent of the youth in every subcounty.  Construction in Mavoko, Kinyui, Masii and Ikombe has begun. The Machakos People’s’ Park which was built in his first term has won awards as the best public park in Kenya and is the starting point for the annual Tour De Machakos and home to the popular film festival Machakosfest.

At the forefront on the fight against cancer, Dr. Mutua has initiated cancer awareness campaigns across all the Sub counties, with over 3,000 residents tested.  Through the health centre rehabilitations program that has seen all health centers equipped, staffed and stocked with medicines, residents can now get screened for cancer for free in all health centres.

Machakos became the first regional government to open a cancer Centre and now the Machakos Cancer treatment and research facility is fully operational and providing free treatment registered under the Universal Health Coverage (UHC). His emphasis in health has transformed Machakos to be the premier health county on Kenya.

Dr. Mutua’s tenure as Machakos Governor, has seen Machakos county transform into a solid investment hub.  Investors, both local and international have gained confidence in Machakos County.  Land value in Machakos has appreciated exponentially and under his guidance, strong structures and transformative policies that have continually uplifted the lives of the residents of Machakos continue to be developed.

Due to his development work and his focus in rolling poverty, Dr. Alfred Mutua has been recognized several times and as recently as September, 2019, as the leading Governor in Kenya in terms of development and leadership.


Dr. Alfred Mutua has spoken and written about the effects of corruption on African country. He is a champion in the fight against corruption which he views as one of the major causes for slow down in development and entrenchment of poverty in Kenya and many African nations.

Dr. Mutua introduced the argument of lifestyle audits for all Government officials and up to date, he is the only Kenyan government official to take himself to the Ethics and Anti Corruption commission to avail details of his wealth and to request for a lifestyle audit to be conducted on him and his close relatives.

President Uhuru Kenyatta also echoes Dr. Mutua’s sentiments and said that all Government officials should be subjected to a lifestyle audit.

A strong believer in the rule of law, Dr. Mutua continues to speak against corruption and to educate the public that when they vote for corrupt leaders or accept corrupt money in fund raisers, they are enslaving themselves to years of suffering.


As we gear up to 2022, Dr. Alfred Mutua will be seeking the people’s mandate   to serve as the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya.

Offering creative and innovative ideas to govern the country, Dr. Mutua pledges to help Kenyans to grow wealth and completely eradicate corruption – the vice that has greatly affected service delivery in the country.

Running under a youthful and transformative platform, Dr. Mutua enjoys massive support among the young and middle-aged citizens and is seeking a fresh input and perspective into Kenyan politics and strives to shift political mindsets and propel Kenya from a third world into the first world.



Email: governor@localhost

H.E Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, EBS, EGH.

H.E Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, EBS, EGH.

Governor, Machakos County

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