I have this morning held a meeting with the County Assembly leadership, in the Matuu Governor’s County Lodge located around the border of Yatta and Masinga Sub-counties.
The county assembly team was led by Honorable Speaker Florence Mwangangi and featured all the leaders of the assembly. I commend Speaker Mwangangi for her leadership that has created an environment of accountability and oversight free from wrangling.
I convened the meeting to discuss the plans we have for development and service delivery in Machakos this financial year. I believe that the people served by myself as Governor and my executive are the same people served by Members of County Assembly. If we harmonize our thinking and priorities, we are able to serve our people better.
We discussed county flagship programs and ward specific projects and agreed to form a monitoring and evaluation committee to ensure that Machakos Government projects are executed in a speedy and efficient way so as to benefit our people.
We also agreed that there is need to review our plans from time to time and harmonize financing and appropriation to projects based on the current Covid-19 environment and the need to stimulate the local economy to ensure Machakos remains attractive for growth even under the current challenges.
I am very lucky to have brilliant and hardworking members of county assembly who are able to look at the bigger picture and who appreciate the importance of socio- economic decisions that will benefit Machakos County for many years to come.
Thank you and may God bless Machakos and Kenya at large.
Dr: Alfred N. Mutua, EGH
Governor of Machakos & Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader.
August 11, 2020

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