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Today I hosted over 2,500 members of clergy drawn from the larger Machakos county to discuss and seek their counsel on a number of development as well as social issues.
The Bible in the Book of Mathew 18: 20-22 teaches us that, where two or three are gathered together in His Name, He is in their midst.
In our meeting we have discussed the critical role that the Church plays in shaping our morals as a society and their involvement in various initiatives that spur economic development through church-sponsored programs such as church hospitals, church- sponsored education institutions, water programs and many others.
Our partnership as government and the church in the past has helped us utilize their land in drilling of boreholes in order to provide water to our people for use both domestic and for agricultural production.
A few months ago, it will be recalled, I embarked on a program to secure and give land title deeds for all churches in Machakos so that the those institutions can have legal possession of the lands where their churches, hospitals and schools are built.
My government will continue to work closely with the clergy to help them attain their needs. I have pledge to set up a social welfare and financial empowerment fund for them, besides ensuring that their children, like the rest of other needy and deserving children, benefit from bursaries.
I have further pledged to establish a welfare fund to build churches and help the needy and vulnerable in the society through churches.
Because of their skills and proficiency in leadership, I will appoint, from amongst them, individuals for positions in government.
The meeting today is the beginning of what is going to be our regular quarterly prayer and advise meetings.
I acknowledge the role played by these religious leaders in shaping character in children and our people and have therefore urged them to take a substantive approach in ensuring our leaders, at all levels, are God-fearing and that they are people committed to do God’s will of changing human life by putting in place development projects which lead to our shared prosperity.

Dr. Alfred N. MUTUA, EGH
Governor of Machakos,
Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader & 2022 Presidential Candidate.
March 8th, 2021

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