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I have today spent the day at a Universal Healthcare Conference where we discussed it’s national roll out modalities.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege and we should have a simple and effective system that assures no Kenyan is left behind just because they are poor or come from an area with poor health facility coverage.

Machakos has been one of the UHC pilot counties. We have shown, in Machakos, that it is possible to provide FREE and quality health care to ALL our residents.

To me, provision of free healthcare is, like free primary education, a political decision. I am against the idea that it is not affordable. It is all about priorities.

The model chosen of just using the NHIF as the financing vehicle is one I and other Governors are uncomfortable with. We are still tweaking the system and by tomorrow, we will have a model that works for all Kenyans.

I am grateful to be part of history at this very important time that will ensure that Kenyans get quality treatment and care. That after all, is the Maendeleo Chap Chap Formula.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, EGH
Governor of MACHAKOS,
Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader and 2022 Presidential Candidate
October 30th, 2020

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